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Why See A Therapist

Why see a therapist? The Huffington Post recently published an article titled “8 Signs You Should See a Therapist.” Some of the examples they outline include: Everything you feel is intense You’ve suffered a trauma and you can’t stop thinking about it You have unexplained and recurrent headaches, stomach-aches or a run down immune system You’re using a substance
ask child psychologist does my child need counseling
The decision to seek out a child psychologist for your little one is a scary, stressful proposition. But it shouldn’t be! In actuality, you’re one of a growing number of parents who are involved enough with their children’s lives to see a problem or an area needing improvement, and turn to a psychologist who can
What are we seeking when we turn to a psychotherapist? Most of the time we are asking for help to reduce or remove some terrible anguish in our hearts, minds or bodies. We may be suffering anxiety attacks, or beleaguered by annoying obsessive or even paralyzing thoughts, suffering a crisis of hatred and disconnection in our marriage, worrying
eating disorders treatment and misconceptions
Eating disorder therapists often hear from patients (and potential patients), that they didn’t think they were ‘sick enough’ to need help.  Fact of the matter is, part of the struggle with eating disorders centers around the fact that it’s insidious, a secretive illness that by it’s very nature is deceptive to the person afflicted. Why