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Canton - PHONE: (734) 737-1200
Taylor - PHONE: (734) 285-8282
Brighton - PHONE: (810) 220-2787
Clarkston - PHONE: (248) 922-2300
Southfield - PHONE: (248) 213-0501
St Clair Shores - PHONE: (586) 777-9000
New Federal Rules Increase How Much Information a Patient Can Access A law was passed in November of last year to give patients access to reading their health records, which is different from the access with HIPAA that can take longer to obtain. This law enables immediate access to the patient’s notes, which increases transparency
As restrictions ease and people begin going back to work, we are also faced with a new level of anxiety about returning to the world we used to know. Emerging from weeks of strict coronavirus lockdown, itself a cause of serious mental health disruption, the lifting of restrictions brings for many a sense of trepidation
UPDATE ON SERVICE DURING COVID-19 (“coronavirus”) PRECAUTIONS: During the current response to the COVID-19 virus in Michigan, Advanced Counseling Services has implemented telehealth and telephonic counseling services. We have also implemented e-prescribing where possible, ensuring that our patients medical needs are met in a timely manner during this crisis. Please call our intake line at 734-759-0000 if
Fun fact: anxiety is normal experience.  We are hard wired to experience anxiety. It serves a purpose for us. It is responsible for keeping our senses, brain, and body alert and prepared for any possible threats. Our senses take in over three trillion bits of information in any given second. Subconsciously, a consistent and erratic