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Online Counseling & Medication E-Prescribing for Children, Teens, & Adults

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You’ve been having a hard time and you just don’t feel like yourself. You have been looking for a therapist who understands what you’re going through and can help you feel better.

With our convenient and flexible online counseling, you’ll connect with passionate, caring therapists who will work with you to help you through tough times. Our psychiatrists are also available for e-prescribing in the event that medication is necessary to help manage your condition. 

Online therapy can be conducted through several video platforms, as well as by phone.  Your therapist will work with you to arrange your sessions on the platform that makes the most sense for you.

Online Therapy is Convenient

We know that the Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has many people practicing social distancing at the moment. And, during this uncertain and frightening time, our therapists are committed to making sure you can still receive support. We know that an essential part of overcoming this challenging time is staying connected with others, including your counselor. Therefore, our therapists will provide their mental health services online to support you.

We Respect and Value Your Privacy 

At Advanced Counseling Services we understand that many people worry about being seen going to counseling or running into someone at their therapist’s office. And, although we wish that weren’t the case (and want to end the stigma against therapy) we understand. If you’re worried about these issues, then online therapy may be the answer you’re looking for. We use a secure video platform to meet with you on your phone, tablet, or computer. We use HIPPA compliant software and adhere to all their guidelines.  In other words, our therapists take your privacy seriously whether we’re meeting online or in person.

Online Therapy in Michigan:

Did you know that you have to see a therapist who is licensed to provide online services in the state you are physically located in? So, if you are traveling outside Michigan, then your therapist won’t be able to meet with you until you get back. But, we can see you anywhere in the state of Michigan, even if you’re outside of the southeastern Michigan area.

Who Benefits From Seeing an Online Therapist?

So many people have seen great results from working with an online therapist. Especially people who had a hard time leaving their house due to health issues or severe social anxiety. It is also very effective in helping stay-at-home parents access counseling. Many people prefer the convenience of online therapy to in-person therapy. A study published by the American Journal of Managed Care found that 86.7% of online psychiatry patients said they’d recommend online to their loved ones. Then, another study from the Journal of Anxiety Disorders proved that online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is just as effective in treating anxiety and depression as in-person counseling.

Online Counseling Services Provided by Advanced Counseling Services

Advanced Counseling Services is proud to offer a wide variety of therapy options to our clients online. Our therapists believe in providing only the highest quality counseling services and research has shown online therapy can be as effective as in person treatment for many mental health diagnoses.  These include anxiety, depression, OCD, trauma, grief, postpartum mood disorders & more.  Therefore, we are confident we can help you begin to find healing as you meet with a therapist from the comfort of your own home or office.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to access quality and personalized counseling regardless of their ability to come into our Michigan counseling center. 

The therapy team at Advanced Counseling Services offers the following counseling services online:

·         Teen counseling

·         Counseling for children

·         Counseling for college students

·         Individual therapy for adults

·         Trauma & PTSD treatment

·         Grief counseling

·         Counseling for caregivers & first responders

·         Counseling for life transitions

·         Counseling for parents

·         Anxiety treatment

·         Depression treatment

·         LGBTQ affirming counseling


*Please note that not every situation is appropriate for online counseling. Therefore, your therapist will be assessing your fit for online therapy services during your first few sessions.  

Online Therapy is Can be Appropriate for Teens & Adults

At Advanced Counseling, we primarily see children over the age of 10, teens, young adults, adults & seniors. People of any age can experience success while working with a therapist online! As long as you have access to a phone, tablet, or computer and can use the internet you can have a counseling session from the comfort of your own home.

Begin Online Therapy in Michigan

You don’t have to choose between coming to a counseling office in person or waiting to get mental health support.  Our therapists are here to help through online counseling.  Here’s how you get started with online therapy in Michigan:

Contact our intake department to make an appointment, they will also check your insurance and match your with a counselor.  Call 517-882-3732 today!


Begin online therapy and receive the mental health support you are looking for!

Although Online Therapy Is Appropriate For Mental Health Concerns, It Is Not Appropriate For Clients Experiencing A Severe Crisis. If You Are Currently Having Suicidal Thoughts, Please Seek Help Immediately By Calling The National Suicide Lifeline At 1-800-273-8255