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Clinician Last Name Clinician First Name VSee Clinic URL VSee Room Code
Abbasi Tariq lsmi-tabbasi
Ahmed Irfan lsmi-iahmed
Ahmed Sameera lsmi-sahmed
Ahmed Shabana lsmi-sahmed1
Akhter Komal lsmi-kakhter
Alderson Meghan lsmi-malderson
Arkwright Jennifer lsmi-jarkwright
Ball Bernard lsmi-bball
Bean Danielle lsmi-dbean
Bedner Gregory lsmi-gbedner
Bellino Smith Susan lsmi-sbellinosmith
Bergen Vickie lsmi-vbergen
Berry Jason lsmi-jberry
Breneman Samantha lsmi-sbreneman
Bronsberg Sandra lsmi-sbronsberg
Brundage Emily lsmi-ebrundage
Cassidy Christine lsmi-ccassidy
Chambers Erin lsmi-echambers
Chambers Lynn lsmi-lchambers
Chambless Jenna ttps:// lsmi-jchambless
Codere Ellen lsmi-ecodere
Decoste Julie lsmi-jdecoste
Denison JoAnne lsmi-jdenison
Derrick Glenn lsmi-gderrick
Desso Shea lsmi-sdesso
DiLorenzo Lori lsmi-ldilorenzo
Freeman Shell lsmi-sfreeman
Fregolle Cheryl lsmi-cfregolle
DiLorenzo Lori lsmi-ldilorenzo
Goldsbrough Ian lsmi-igoldsbrough
Gronow Marylynn lsmi-mgronow
Gross Samuel lsmi-sgross
Harper Shelton Lamika lsmi-lharpershelton
Harrison James lsmi-jharrison
Harrison Lori lsmi-lharrison
Hartley Rayetta lsmi-rhartley
Haun Amy lsmi-ahaun
Hennrick Taylor lsmi-thennrick
Hillier Mary lsmi-mhillier
Himmelspach-Collins Annette lsmi-ahimmelspach-collins
Hollier Krystle lsmi-khollier
Hughes Katie lsmi-khughes
Humphreys Nonnie lsmi-nhumphreys
Jackson Rickey lsmi-rjackson
Johnson Amanda lsmi-ajohnson
Johnson Felicia lsmi-fjohnson
Johnson-Briles Abby lsmi-ajohnson-briles
Jones Daren lsmi-djones
Jones Robin lsmi-rjones
Kalfayan Deborah lsmi-dkalfayan
Kildow Gloria lsmi-gkildow
Klemm Bradley lsmi-bklemm
Kretschmer Connie lsmi-ckretschmer
Lai Maria lsmi-mlai
Levinson Kathryn lsmi-klevinson
Lewis Vanessa lsmi-vlewis
Lock Bryne Karyn lsmi-klock-bryne
LoPiccolo Brianna lsmi-blopiccolo
Madden Casper Laura lsmi-lmadden-casper
Marshall Akeyia lsmi-amarshall
Marshall Lynn lsmi-lmarshall
Marsiglio Angel lsmi-amarsiglio
Martin Christina lsmi-cmartin
Marzonie Christopher lsmi-cmarzonie
Maxin Lofgren Victoria lsmi-vmaxin-lofgren
McHale Lynn lsmi-lmchale
Meah Nasreen lsmi-nmeah
Medrano Heather lsmi-hmedrano
Mercer Jennifer lsmi-jmercer
Merritt Maria lsmi-mmerritt
Mischakoff Marah lsmi-mmischakoff
Mohammad Syeda lsmi-smohammad
Molinaro Stacey lsmi-smolinaro
Nagrant Armitage Linda lsmi-lnagrant-armitage
Naylor Park Greta lsmi-gnaylor-park
Niemi Michael lsmi-mniemi
Onesian Janet lsmi-jonesian
Palmer Patricia lsmi-ppalmer
Park Katen lsmi-kpark
Patel Sarang lsmi-spatel
Pearlstein Charles lsmi-cpearlstein
Piszker Diane lsmi-dpiszker
Prasad Yarlagadda lsmi-yprasad
Przybylski Louis lsmi-lprzybylski
Purnell Tracy lsmi-tpurnell
Qureishi Bushra lsmi-bqureishi
Rais Borhan lsmi-brais
Richards Kurt lsmi-krichards
Robbins Jacqueline lsmi-jrobbins
Roberson Kathleen lsmi-kroberson
Rock Jessica lsmi-jrjackson
Rohde Susan lsmi-srohde
Ross Tawanna lsmi-tross
Rudy Stacey lsmi-srudy
Ryde Melinda lsmi-mryde
Sage Venus lsmi-vsage
Schongalla Marisa lsmi-mschongalla
Sella Maria lsmi-msella
Selover Michele lsmi-mselover
Shahid Saniyah lsmi-sshahid
Shamoon Sonia lsmi-sshamoon
Sharlow Beth lsmi-bsharlow
Shaw Renee lsmi-rshaw
Shenava Malini lsmi-mshenava
Shinn Joni lsmi-jshinn
Shukla Yogesh lsmi-yshukla
Smith Jasmine lsmi-jsmith
Start Susanna lsmi-sstart
Stewart Crystal lsmi-cstewart
Sunny Michelle lsmi-msunny
Thompson Leslie lsmi-lthompson
Tippen Margaret lsmi-mtippen
Tjaden Jo lsmi-jtjaden
Tomassi Tiffany lsmi-ttomassi
Wall Rachel lsmi-rwall
Watt Alicia lsmi-awatt
Williams Carlisa lsmi-cwilliams
Wilson Yvonne lsmi-ywilson
Wines David lsmi-dwines